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Fu jin mooncake national order number: 400-656-825
Address: the first one of the fifth industrial zone, dongji village, dongji street, longhua district, shenzhen
Telephone: 0755-33876877
Fax: 0755-27743132
Bus platform 1: shangtang junction (yongan department) line: peak line 38 M262 road M262 road M269 road 336 road 336 road 336 road 658 road 658 road 658 road 863 road
Bus stop 2: west end market line: M354 road M340 road, M212 road

Fujin e-commerce department network sales center
Address: no.5 industrial zone, tangdong road, longhua county, shenzhen
Telephone: 0755-81484696
Bus stop: shangtang junction line: M378 road 336 road 312 road M372 road M372 road M262

Rich grass cake national investment promotion
Telephone: 0755-33876815